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It all began on the Land where illusions meet the dreams...

In Cindy's favorite place at the foot of the pie peaks, as she strolled down the mint road by the chocolate river under the cupcake sun and the sugar cotton clouds on her way to the pretzel sticks forest where cake pop unicorns live, visiting her friend Sweety-Pink the queen of cake pop Unicorns.

When Cindy and Sweety-Pink met, they greeted each other with great joy and with a big smile the Queen said to her friend Cindy;

  • The day has come!

Cindy surprised replied to the Queen;

  • The day, what do you mean?

Sweety-Pink answered;

  • The day you will bring joy and happiness to the whole world


Cindy asked to her friend;

  • And how will I do that?


Sweety-Pink responded:

  • We will help you.

And since that day Cindy has dedicated herself to "Sweeten every moment in the life" of those who approach to her.

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